Community Involvement


Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal

Lara Lodge helped support the RCH Good Friday Appeal by rattling tins at the Lara Apco service station.

Teams of two to three were posted every hour at the entrance to the station shop.

Everyone was in good spirits and got in the spirit of the day.

A special thanks to the people of Lara were very kind in their donations on the day.




Lara Food and Wine Festival

Lara Lodge had more than 15 members performing numerous tasks for the Lara food and wine festival.

Members performed duties including:

  • Car Parking
  • Safety officers
  • Site setup
  • Site packup

Members and the public saw the quick deteriation of the car park from a country paddock to a true dust bowl with parked car looking like scenes from pompai (fully covered in dust).

The picture below shows a single car being shown the exit by a Lara member