Becoming a Freemason

If you like the sound of Freemasonry and would like to join the fraternity, you need only ask a Freemason. You don't have to personally know a freemason to do this though. You could email our Lodge Secretary, or if you don't live in Lara, its perfectly ok to contact the Grand Lodge in your jurisdiction and express your desire to join. Just to be clear on this point, you will never be asked by a Freemason to join the fraternity - you must ask to join. There are however a few requirements of you before you can apply for membership.

  1. You must profess a belief in a Supreme Being. Its no one's business but your own who or what you believe that Supreme Being to be, so long as you believe in one.
  2. Your decision to join Freemasonry is made freely, without improper inducement by others.
  3. You must be no less than 18 years of age
If you would like to join Lara Lodge please email the Lodge Secretary
If you  any questions about Freemasonry, or wish to join another Lodge please  click here